Monday, July 16, 2007

Learned in college

Cause even though my memory of the meaning of constructivism in international relations may fade a bit with time, a few lessons learned in college classes remain....

Philosophy -- strangely, my belief in God was revived through taking a History of Philosophy class. I don't remember which work it was we were reading, but it encouraged me to think of God as not necessarily a benevolent being or as a force that is just in the way that humans see world affairs as just. Why is it a tragedy that an earthquake kills hundreds of thousands of people? Not in the community or individual sense of course, but in the great scope of the universe. How can people understand what God is, and how can God's existence be doubted so easily with statements like, if God is good, why is there evil, if God isn't necessarily viewed as either good nor bad (at least, according to people's moral ethics).

Psychology -- More learned about the type of people studying psychology, as in, figuring out what made them interested in psychology was just as interesting as the courses themselves...

Spanish -- Listening to music on Spanish speaking radio stations does wonders to improve proficiency -- at least, for me.

Biology -- Well, this I refuse to believe, and that is that ulcers cannot be caused by stress, claimed the medical doctor who taught the course. His TA disagreed, and although I don't know much about ulcers, I would tend to disagree too.

I'm sure I learned much more than this, but these were the lessons that popped up as I was writing. If anything, something I learned in high school, from a guy I chatted with on the net a few times, rings very true today, now that I'm dealing with it -- no one waits for you after you graduate. The world is your oyster and all but you have to figure out how to open the thing. That's one big oyster...

Monday, July 2, 2007

I used to have an on-line journal

Years back, it may have been on I lost track of where it was and it's too bad cause I wish I could go back and see what I wrote.

I want to write (creative writing, that is) and I have been stuck, unable to commit to writing more than a paragraph of writing here and there. And writing is supposed to be what I love doing best. So maybe this will help.

I don't really like writing about personal stories in on-line journals. Journals that I see that have posts like "I saw Jeff today and we had lunch together and then I saw my mom" don't interest me, since I don't know the people involved. These are the type of things I'd write to in a real journal, not one on-line. I just want to write my thoughts, about what I see, current events, movies, the type of things I'd want to read about in on-line journals. Maybe include websites I like and want to share... So here goes.