Monday, July 2, 2007

I used to have an on-line journal

Years back, it may have been on I lost track of where it was and it's too bad cause I wish I could go back and see what I wrote.

I want to write (creative writing, that is) and I have been stuck, unable to commit to writing more than a paragraph of writing here and there. And writing is supposed to be what I love doing best. So maybe this will help.

I don't really like writing about personal stories in on-line journals. Journals that I see that have posts like "I saw Jeff today and we had lunch together and then I saw my mom" don't interest me, since I don't know the people involved. These are the type of things I'd write to in a real journal, not one on-line. I just want to write my thoughts, about what I see, current events, movies, the type of things I'd want to read about in on-line journals. Maybe include websites I like and want to share... So here goes.

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