Saturday, May 9, 2009

Susan Boyle -- now that it's all calmed down

Weeks after the story has aired, comments lose their freshness, but at the time I was thinking about this and didn't put it in writing -- I had read an article about the discovery of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent, where a plain looking, 50 year old woman dazzled the audience and judges with her strong and beautiful voice. Middle aged, and for that matter, lesser attractive people everywhere rejoice! I had watched the video and was very moved. But something crept in my mind while watching it, and it wasn't exactly what the article said.

The writer made a point that If Susan wouldn't have had an amazing voice, no one would've given her a second thought -- in that sense she'd join the other hundreds of less than attractive faces we see auditioning for these talent shows. What I was thinking about wasn't exactly this -- I was thinking that she was standing out because of her looks -- as if a person who's not conventionally attractive is somehow not expected to be talented. In which case if Susan was beautiful and had a beautiful voice then we wouldn't be surprised -- we would expect it. The whole 'beauty is good' belief.

Bottom line, I loved her performance and of course I was rooting for her. I can't judge others for believing she would fail right there on stage before she started singing -- I had a feeling that if I was watching the video it was most probably not to see another horrendous performance. But it's always good to stop and look at the way you think about something. Why do you think the way you do. Analyzing's a game you could play for hours.

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