Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I hate waiting for the doctor

Of the things I hate doing, waiting for the doctor makes it in the top 10. And I'm not talking about a walk in, I'm talking I-made-an-appointment-but-still-need-to-wait waiting. I was waiting for two hours for the doctor with a client the other day. In the beginning the client was ranting off to me about an argument he’s had with his ex wife. After the first 30 minutes of talking, he calmed down a little, and both of us were left sitting there, without a book or an old Peoples magazine for comfort.

All the things I could’ve done during the remaining hour and half spent while/instead of sitting in the waiting room with my client waiting for the doctor to call for us:
… Taken a nap
… Encouraged the rest of the waiting room to join in in some group singing
… Taken 35 walks around the block or better, gone jogging, if that crazy thought ever possessed me
… Caught up on TV shows I didn’t get to see the previous two nights
… Picked up a new language

Notice how some fields it's OK to keep you waiting? Doctors have you wait, just so you go to another room, and then you wait for the nurse, and then she gets your vitals and walks off and then you wait some for the doctor to come in. Delivery people give you a slot, but at least you know in advance you'll be waiting. I just don't understand the need to make appointments if you wait for more than an hour!!! Maybe they should just give us an hour slot. You'll be seen between 3-4 PM. Somehow that would be better.

Why must so many doctors schedule 15 minute slots for their patients? I know there are a lot of sick people, but invariably they go over time and then they rush you like the building’s on fire.

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