Monday, June 1, 2009

New Young Client

I have a new client, Janice*, who just turned 19 – the youngest client I’ve ever had. Honestly, her youth stood out to me because most of the people I work with are adults over 40. She moved to the city a little over a month ago. She’s not working but just started taking her GEDs. She doesn’t have kids or any contacts in the city. To get her lease signed she told management that she had a job. Through management she also learned about my agency and called us to find out about our services as well as resources to find work. We applied for Food Stamps together and I gave her information about pantries and women’s programs. We’re set to meet again to research job positions later on next week.

I have to hand it to people like that who just pick up their belongings and move across state to a new city. I don’t know if I would have it in me to do it. Granted a younger person doesn’t have commitments so in that way it’s easier, but when they don’t even have contacts in a new place they have to start from scratch. And I suppose finding out about our agency is one possible step on the way…

We do a new intake with each new client and sometimes you’ll finish a session and know as much about them as their family does. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get the basic facts – if they’re given at all (but those cases are very rare). Janice was in the middle of the scale. What drew her to the city was that she found it fascinating and she wanted to try life out in a new place. Maybe she’s hiding skeletons in the closet – even so, it may be that I’ll never know. The snag of not being a therapist.

* All names of course are fabricated.

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