Friday, June 5, 2009

Odd or Uncomfortable Moments with Clients and Staff

I keep some donated clothes in my office that clients are welcome to take. One  lady wanted to try on a sweater so she started taking off her jacket. Before I realized what’s going on, she’s standing in my office, only wearing a bra -- I was sure she had a shirt under her jacket, but alas, i was very mistaken. At that point I simply prayed that no male enter until she’s done.

I’ve had one client give me the website address to the first chapter of his book and asked me to consider to buy the entire publication, another try to sell me raffle tickets… Just like we can’t sell anything to clients, we can’t buy anything for them. Even if it’s for charity.

Having the helpful nurse at the health clinic that Joe and I go to explain three times, along with demonstrations (including squatting) how to give a stool sample as part of his physical. It took a lot for me not to laugh during her demonstration. She was so patient.

During the first year at my job I would often get calls from the receptionist along the lines of “There’s an old client of Berry’s here. Since you’re now taking his place, will you come and talk with him?” Berry was a senior case manager preceding me and I happened to sit in his office after he left. Because of this I somehow became the natural next case manager for many of his clients.

I’ve had one client call me to ask what my holiday plans were. When I told him I had plans with friens, he said that he had wanted to invite me to a site downtown to meet … his nephew.

Occasionally I go to appointments with clients. Last year, when I was still relatively new, I went with a client for the first time to the welfare office, and while the case worker is processing the case, she looks at me with a motherly smile and says, “You’re so nice! Are you in high school?”

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