Monday, June 15, 2009

Some things that frustrate me about my job – Clients

Yes, I don’t mean this in the way that the job itself would be easier without them, but certain client related requests or occurrences, for sheer number of times they happen, bug me. Working this job has reinforced my respect for anyone who deals in costumer service, a field that tests your nerves and patience. And case management is a form of intensive costumer service. Overall I enjoy the work, but particular things bother me a lot…

1) Clients lying to me. Sure, sometimes you don’t know if people are lying or if their disability prevents them from understanding exactly what is going on so they don’t tell you the full story the first time around. It gets tough in certain situations though. For example, when I call management after a client comes in to ask for rental assistance, and while she tells me she’s only behind one month’s rent, it turns out that she hasn’t consistently paid rent since she had moved in 6 months before that.*

2) The Entitled Client who expects you to help them financially because that’s why you’re there. You’re the leprechaun holding selfishly to the overflowing pot of coins, so share the wealth, man. It’s not like it’s your money. Who are you, the case manager, to request to do a budget with this client? What a ridiculous idea.

3) A client starts telling me a story that goes something like this, “So after I came back from the doctor I went over to his apartment and talked to him and he told me that I needed to get some more money for it. So I told him that if she doesn’t help me there’s nothing I can do.”

This is more of a minor one but it happens again and again. Who’s he? Who’s she? I don’t know who you’re talking about if you don’t introduce the people in your story first!

A variant of this is when a resident who doesn’t have a phone number on record leaves a message without leaving a number and asks why no one will return his calls (once I had one resident leave me a number that was missing two digits).

* I get people lie, and I understand people are survivors and will do what they can to get the help they need, but it doesn't make my job easier or their request easier to process.

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