Friday, July 31, 2009

Journal Labels for All

I’ve noticed I often use labels (similar to what I have on the right side of this journal) to navigate through other peoples’ journals, especially when they’ve written for years and don’t publish the titles of their individual posts.

When it comes to social work journals, I typically look for what most closely resembles the type of work I do / situations I find myself in. ‘Rants’ will get picked (though these would be picked in virtually any journal I’d be reading), ‘attitudes’, as will ‘homelessness’, ‘crisis’, and ‘bureaucracy’. I’ve found some interesting books through reading other peoples’ book reviews so I’ll always be intrigued by this option. The words I’m least likely to pick would be topics related to the weather, animals, or names of people I don’t know.

I also realized that without censoring myself I would quickly end up with hundreds of labels. Then I end up with random labels like Susan Boyle, who I will only probably have one post about but I needed to label that post with something. Do you use labels when you’re reading other peoples’ journals? What do you typically choose?

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