Monday, July 13, 2009

Movie Scenes I’d Like to See Visited in Real Life

A few years back I would get a kick from watching scenes where a tumbleweed rumbled by. For some reason that imagery struck me as incredibly entertaining. Life was simple back then. When I think about it now I’m not sure why I found that scene so funny. Not only that but actually seeing a tumbleweed in real life made me laugh too (this happened a bit less often). Here are a few current scenes I’d like to see replicate themselves in real life.

People spit their drink upon hearing something dramatic.
Called the spit take, a character spits out her beverage after hearing something shocking. Like that what they’re drinking isn’t beer, though usually it’s because something surprising has happened. My goal is to make someone laugh and do this. Granted I don’t think I want to be washed with my friend’s drink so I suppose some strategizing would be needed – maybe walk them outside so no one would have to clean anything up while they’re still holding their drink. Something smooth like that. The closest reaction to this that I’ve ever gotten is laughter followed by my friend putting his head down quickly and grabbing a napkin.

A little bit of synchronized dancing and singing.
I admit I enjoy the occasional musical and that the idea of going through a day with an occasional song and dance amuses me greatly. That’s just what I need during a day at the office or as I’m doing routine tasks like waiting in line.

Be able to walk through a mirror
That scene in Disney where Mickey Mouse goes through the mirror and weird things happen, like his coat hanger starts moving. A similar development takes place in Alice in Wonderland (TV movie). It’s not that furniture coming to life excites me but I always thought the concept of an alternate reality through this device (mirror) was cool.

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