Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tempting Sight Down the Street

There’s this gorgeous park not too far from my agency but most of my clients (the same who live in buildings in neighborhoods nearby) don’t go there. Some because they’re not mobile, others because it’s not on their radar. A couple of my clients will go downtown on occasion to get away from the neighborhood but not necessarily walk a few blocks to the park.

It’s the perfect weather to be out there now. And I can look at myself to understand that it's hard to appreciate what's right down the street, since I just recently discovered the beauty of a park near my building. Is it a slightly acceptable excuse that I haven't frequented it because it's about 6 blocks away? Maybe not. But though it's a good walk away it’s so relaxing. I watch the trees and lie on the grass and see other people run by. And feel even more relaxed that I'm not the one running, just watching.

A few months back I toyed with the idea of suggesting to my supervisor that we organize a grill/picnic event for our clients. I figured the park near my agency would be the perfect locale particularly because it would be so easy to bring them there. However, the idea that we may be visited by 600 additional guests at our party worried me and my supervisor (many people who're experiencing homelessness stay at the park during the summer) – mostly in the sense that we’d run out of food. In the end we had a lot of events going on and the truth is I was a bit frustrated that my department wasn’t very enthused with the picnic idea, so it was dropped.

We are having our annual agency-wide party for our clients soon though, which is a pretty large and fun event because we get to interact with clients in a social atmosphere and they get to meet one another. We even entertain the clients’ kids which I’m sure is exciting for the parents. I’m looking forward to this.

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