Monday, August 10, 2009

Detested Work Jargon -- I Didn't Get it

I like reading rants on various topics. Office humor amuses me, for example. I came across an article called ‘Annoying Work Jargon Phrases” that listed 15 words/phrases that annoy office workers. I was annoyed when I finished reading it. By #13 I realized that I had only heard of a select few of those listed. I thought I'd see phrases like "Case of the Mondays", cliches like that, but that wasn't to be.

Not only didn't I hear these words before in my office, most of the words were brand new to me. Now maybe I don't work in the 'classic' office because of the social work setting, but I'm sure I hear common office jargon words. One of the few words I shared with the list were "piggyback" which doesn't bother me because I like the image I see in my mind when I hear it. Someone mentioned "touch base" as a phrase that bothers them, and I use it all the time. I mostly don't like small talk phrases. How are you, how was your weekend, what are your weekend plans, what are you doing, who are you. Those vague questions bother me.

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