Monday, August 24, 2009

The Dreaded Weekend Question

Enjoying my lazy Sunday I thought back at two questions that bug me: “What’re you doing this weekend?” and the inescapable Monday question, “What did you do last weekend?”

It’s a simple, get the conversation rolling question. At the office, Stilted Monday Conversation draws it out. Then one person answers by giving a laundry list of everything she or he did over the weekend. Usually it’s pretty familiar because you’ve heard a similar list the week before. Then the conversation goes around and each person tries to one-up each other. “I went to see the new Brad Pitt movie,” “I went hiking in Yosemite and camped under the stars,” “Oh, nice. I went camping with Brad Pitt in Yosemite and we skinny dipped.”

The truth is, I like to take it easy during the weekend, but I know that if I don’t do anything special and answer “Not much, you know, just hung out with a friend,” I get sympathetic looks.

I find myself feeling bad if I didn’t do something like go to the theatre or go on a trip somewhere. I don’t need a lot to be entertained. Hanging out with a friend, reading a book, walking around in a park can entertain me for hours. That’s how I relax. But that’s not exciting to share.

I realize this weekend question is a catalyst for conversation and that some people are actually interested in the answer, but I’m more interested in a story. I don’t mind hearing what other people did per se, but for some reason the introducing question of “What did you do this weekend” irks me.

My rule for my friends is that if they had a good weekend and did something, tell me. I’m sure to tell you because I don’t wait to be asked. But for office post-weekend conversations I sometimes just make things up. “I auditioned for Ripley’s for being able to juggle jelly beans with my tongue. Wanna see?”

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