Thursday, August 20, 2009

Odd/Uncomfortable Moments with Clients (3)

I was meeting with a client when suddenly I notice a large cockroach scurrying on my desk. I leap off my chair while grabbing a few items off the table so the cockroach doesn’t disappear out of sight. As I’m trying very hard to resist my urge to panic at the terrifying view of this tiny creature (but really I'm moving things off my desk as quickly as possible while jumping up and down), my client sits still. “Yeah, I hate cockroaches too,” he says calmly.

I close the door after letting a client in my office. As I sit down on my chair he looks at me for a moment and blurts out: "Are you pregnant?" (Interestingly, I was wearing a shirt that, while trying it on at the store, I was hesitating to buy it because I thought it looked a bit like a pregnancy shirt)

(The following didn't happen with a client, but a fellow passenger on the bus)
I sat sit down next to a passenger who asksed me how to get to an address. I answered him and he nodsded at me. After ten seconds he asks me, "Do you want to buy a house?" and takes out his business card.

I'm filling out intake paperwork with a new client. As I'm writing down her answer about her work history, she puts her hand on my desk, taps it and says, "You know, I wish we could eat furniture. Wouldn't that be something? (Thinks) Tables would taste like maple syrup. Don't you think?"

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