Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coworkers I’ll Miss

In the two years that I've been at my agency 20 of the 30 original staff members (for me of course) have changed. Some positions have seen a turnover of two or three workers. Sometimes it was easier to say goodbye. Not much chemistry and all that. Less easy to work with. Other times it was a real bummer. Such was the case when two close coworkers -- friends really -- left around two months ago.

Yeah, yeah, two months is a long time, but while I don't gaze at their photos on my office desk all day, I do feel a difference. Even though overall I like my coworkers and I'm grateful that virtually everyone on staff is supportive and warm. I can almost always wander into someone's office with a question and have that person be ready to stop what he's doing and listen. But it’s not like having my buddies around. The people I could vent to or use humor in ways I can't with other coworkers. Initially after they left it got a little easier to want to hide in my office during lunch with my book and my CDs.

It's incredible how having a couple of people, even one person in your office as someone to confide in, laugh with, or grumble with is therapeutic.


T. J. said...

At my last job I experienced the same thing. It was really sad when my buddies left. Since I've been at my internship (just over a month) one really fine case manager left and three more have given their notices. It's sad when people leave, and I understand, too. It won't be long before someone new walks into your life to pull you away from your CDs and book. For now, enjoy the best company of all -- your own!

~Ms. T. J.

Anonymous said...

We've had the opposite experience in our work setting. A person that was the source of conflict, anxiety, anger, if it was negative, we felt it about this person. This person left and it was like a weight lifted. We've hired a new person and they start this we're all a bit anxious...did we make the right choice? Co-workers are a huge part of being able to do this work.

Anatolia said...

I hope the new person is working out. It can certainly work both ways and it is a relief when a difficult coworker (or just dynamics don't work) leaves.

Ms TJ,
Thanks for your message! And it is getting better.