Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not Medicaid's Phone Number, Please!

Coworkers, there's a reason I'm emailing you my question about Medicaid instead of trying to get a hold of someone at the Medicaid office! It's because I'm not a masochist! I already have the Medicaid office number -- yes, and the supervisors' numbers.

When I was writing the email to staff the original text included a line about "please don't give me Medicaid phone numbers." I decided it read too obnoxious. After getting half a dozen suggestions to call various 1 800 numbers and supervisors I started feeling a hint of regret.

Actually it's quite fascinating how Medicaid has all these different contact numbers. It's like trying to enter a magical castle and you see 100 doors before you but only one takes you inside. The adventures the others take you on are considerably less thrilling.


Ash H. said...

Yesterday, my supervisor spent about 40 mins on the phone trying to get through to someone at Medicaid before she gave up! And when someone finally came on the line, they hung up on her! It's crazy!

Anatolia said...

I'd suggest s/he call a supervisor, but I just tried and her voice mail's full. ;)