Friday, September 25, 2009

Singing about Sleeping. Brilliant.

I was lying in bed listening to a truck drive in reverse for five minutes, slowly edging into a wake up state when I thought how cool would it be to write a song about how tired I was just like John Lennon did (I'm So Tired) and have it be incredibly famous. About something as inane as how tired I was feeling. May be an inane feeling, but it takes talent to write a song out of that feeling that ends up being impressed on other peoples' minds. That's such a cool skill to have, to be able to write music.

I've written before that though it has been long since the Beatles have recorded together (while all members were alive that is) and many bands have since then made music I'm still pretty loyal to them. I don't think they're the end all of music, but I could probably listen to them every day and not get bored. Another thing: Since I like them so much I'm also more open to songs of theirs that are different. Take Revolution 9 from the White album. I would likely had never given that song a chance if it hadn’t been recorded by the Beatles. Maybe I would have if it was performed by another band I like -- maybe. And though I can't say I enjoyed it after listening to it for a few times, I had to commend the band for experimenting like that. But would I be as quick to hail another band for doing the same experimentation? Probably not. It makes me think about what point songs become popular because of the musician (say, when a musician has established herself enough). It's true critically acclaimed musicians aren't promised to never receive bad reviews for new music -- if they banged on pots and kept a beat by clapping lettuce leaves together they wouldn't be taken seriously. But maybe they would. Or at least catch a break.

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