Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There's a Sport for Everyone -- Fighting Burnout

I had a much overdue realization of an easy way to let stress out. An easy way that I successfully resisted for a long time being the avid non-exerciser I've tended to be since... uh some time. I blame high school phys ed, with their dreaded theme classes, the one mile runs to baseball classes. And climbing up ropes, I was just no good at that. I'm pretty competitive and when I know there's something (usually meaning a game) that I have little chance of winning, I tend to want to have little to do with it. Also I'm pretty lazy. In the bell of 'sportive stamina' I'm somewhere on the lower end.I know this is something not to be particularly proud of with everyone around me doing yoga, playing rugby, jogging, walking and all of that. However, though I wasn't proud of it I was pretty comfortable with it. Every once in a while inspiration of getting in shape grabbed me, and I would take a friend and go dancing.

A week ago my friend invited me to play tennis after her usual partner wasn't able to make it. As we were getting ready to play I thought everything was going great until she told me I needed to stand on the other side of the net. OK so that much I did know, but it was the first time I tried playing tennis. Then we started, not playing competitively, just passing the ball to one another. It felt great. I felt alive. I could serve OK but got a real workout chasing after the ball. Getting back home I was thinking to myself this will be a burnout antidote.

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Anonymous said...

I think that's great! I personally do a lot of walking. I live only 8 minutes away from my job so that's my way of putting some miles between me and the job!

Anatolia said...

I've started walking home this past week... It's more invigorating than I expected. Which is good, I like simple and easy exercises.