Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Waiting for Dr, Thoughts Come Up

I was sitting waiting around to see my doctor, going over my questions to him in my head, and looking around the lobby to see most of the people waiting alone. I found myself thinking, man, wouldn't it be great to have some sort of Doctor Visit Buddy System. It's the kind of idea that if this works and this works and this works then the potential is great. People scheduled to see a doctor would be able to opt to pair up with another person to do this. The idea behind this is that those folks who aren't married, have a guardian, a caretaker or a case manager to go with them to doctor visits would have an alternative -- should they want it of course. Clearly the reason I thought about this was because ideally it would make me feel more comfortable. For one thing, having another person with me would make it easier to make sure all the questions I want asked get asked. Another person may think of questions I don't think of.

People would join this pool of volunteers just like there are networks for couch surfers, Craigslist and the like. I know the whole confidentiality issue may be a concern for sticklers. But similar to other networks volunteers would be evaluated based on others' experience. Anyway, way I see it some folks are more likely to discuss certain health conditions/ailments anyway, why not make it a social event? People go online and meet with others on forums all the time to discuss their health.

It's fun to have your mind wander sometimes.

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