Sunday, October 25, 2009

Discovering New Sites

I was surfing the internet when I suddenly thought how cool it would be to find a stuntman's -- or woman's -- online journal. Read about his experience doing these cool feats in place of an actor, meeting other actors. The topic didn't seem too eccentric, especially since I keep coming across  journals about every topic under the sun. After several attempts, however, I still came up with nothing relevant. And then I thought, maybe in this case a video journal would be more interesting to follow anyway. Then I started searching any topic that sounded intriguing, figuring that I would likely come across something related to it: From runaways to nurses to hoarders to 20 more topics. I even found a few purposefully fake actors' blogs that were more or less amusing to read. I did find a few relevant sites, some I would return to after my first visit.

I wanted to share one site that isn't a blog but does relate (if only loosely) to my original stuntman search. Called The Editing Room, it's a collection of abridged scripts that, in a nutshell, poke fun at the original films.* Most have been written by Rod Hilton, an aspiring script writer himself. I've been reading this site for over 6 years now and it still continues to periodically be updated with new scripts. I warmly recommend it.

* Site uses some profanity.

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