Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let Me Verify That

In the process of filling out a food stamps application with my new client Jeff I asked him how much he had earned at his job in the past month.* Jeff said, "About $200." I asked him if he had his most recent pay stubs and he said he'd get them. We meet again a week later and Jeff said he wasn't able to find his statements. I say, no problem, could I call his company and find out, and he says sure. I call HR, they check, put me on hold, check, and after being transferred from one worker to another, I finally speak with Kayla who says, "Oh, here it is. His last work day was June 5, 2008." You don't say. I ask Kayla to wait for a moment and ask Jeff if that makes sense. Jeff looks at me a bit sheepishly and says, "Yes."

I go about it one more way and ask Jeff if he remembers getting a check for work during the past month and Jeff says no.* Well, now that we got that cleared up, onwards we go.

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