Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Client Wanted New Shoes

I have an elderly client who mostly keeps to himself. Though he has a couple of close friends who live out of state and check in on him by phone frequently he seems to enjoy his solitary life. After his friends, his main social contact is with my agency. Both my coworker and I alternate visiting him a few times a month. Each time I've visited him I find him reading something, from a book to a newspaper, once it was a can label. Over the last couple of months he and I had been talking about going shoe shopping, but the shopping trip kept getting postponed -- one time because it looked like it may rain, another because it was too windy, in short, it didn't seem he was ready to follow through once the trip day came. Though this was a bit discouraging I still looked at it as me visiting him and checking in. Last week he asked me "When are we going to go?" and we made an appointment for this morning.

I come in to his apartment today and he's drinking his morning tea. I sit beside him and chat about something or other when he says to me with a huge smile, "Like my new boots?" and lifts his left foot up. Putting aside the embarrassing fact that I didn't even notice that he was wearing new shoes and I was sitting right there beside him for 5 minutes -- he had bought them on his own! I commended him for doing it on his own. I was looking forward to the experience of shoe shopping with him, I admit, but that was real cool. And I'm sure he enjoyed my reaction as well.

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