Thursday, October 1, 2009

Post Bell Jar Thoughts

I did move on to a lighter book since Bell Jar but some of it stayed with me. Plath's writing made me think a lot about what it's like to look inside a mind of a person who has mental illness. I'm not a clinician -- my knowledge about mental illness comes from college classes, reading, and of course, the media.

Reading Bell Jar was hard for me because I sometimes empathize so much with the protagonist that I almost feel like I'm going through what she's experiencing. After finishing it I caught myself thinking about how she was feeling so much that a thought crossed my mind -- could thinking about it like this make me become mentally ill -- slightly similar to how med students start thinking they have the illnesses they're studying.

The fact Esther didn't go through a particular event that made caused her to start the path to a mental breakdown was eerie but made it easier to relate to her. From a state of 'normalcy' -- whatever this is -- to imbalance. This got me thinking about the fact many of us have mental health issues but some are able to mask them better (or deal with them more effectively). I contemplated the definition of a normal (mentally healthy), or a well adjusted person, in societal terms. Is it the ability to have a long term relationship? Hold a job? After all, in the US the definition of disability is inability to work for one year or more. So are we mentally 'normal' as long as we can work?

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