Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm flattered to be nominated the Over the Top award by Ash at Be The Change. I myself have been a reader of her site for some time and enjoy reading her thoughts and insights as she leads an ever busy schedule -- read more at her site.

The award comes along with a few rules that include answering a short questionnaire with one word answers and nominating 6 favorite blogs. I'm putting off the questionnaire for now but I did want to give recognition to 6 favorite online journals of mine. Six is not enough to include all the journals I faithfully follow but respecting this limit I would include:

Eyes Opened Wider
Fighting Monsters
CJ Social Worker
Awake and Dreaming
Socialworksblog.info (because 6 really isn't enough. Also, I want to give another plug to this great resource for social work blogs, both on the site and through other folks' links. I've discovered great reads here)

My plan is to continue to link (through my posts) to journals/posts that I find thought provoking or entertaining. This will take some time.