Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Past Three Years in a Few Numbers

40-50 folks on my active caseload (number has stayed pretty consistent)

2 clients have passed away

2 clients I've interacted with only while they've been under influence of alcohol*

3 clients have cried in my office

1 time I started crying right after one of these clients left my office

1 time I had to walk out of my office during an appointment with a client because I was about to lose my cool (to the point of shouting back; I asked another case manager to step in)

>25 times residents have left messages asking me to call them but left no number

40 pages: longest fax sent

8 days, (and going) longest period I've spoken with a provider only through our answering machines

3 nights (in the last week) that I had trouble falling asleep because I was thinking about work (typically about specific clients)

More times that I can remember: Clients making me think, making me laugh, challenging me, and making a connection.

* It's the level that I can smell it on their breathe but it's manageable (they stay composed).

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Anonymous said...

I really wish I had the sympathy you did. Unfortunately 90% of my clients are full of crap, and make stuff up to get what they want.

I see it all day.