Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Computer, No Computer, No Computer

I haven't had a working computer in two days. I just have this box in front of me, screen black, cut off from everything. Some problem with the hardware. Until that's fixed, I'm experiencing a world from the past. The other week my agency actually closed 10 minutes early because computers for all staff needed to be shut down for a network update. As if we can't find anything non-computery to do for 10 minutes.

But so many tasks can't be done. I haven't been able to record case notes and knowing I'm getting behind is honestly distressing me a little (the thought that not 10 years ago coworkers used to record their notes by hand impresses me deeply). I needed to write down my schedule because that too was saved on the computer. Couldn't listen to my CDs. Come on, it's not like I can use some alternate device that plugs into the wall and is capable of playing music.

One good thing is that my interaction with other staff has exponentially increased since I've been fairly frequently dropping by their offices to ask to use their computers. A few minutes here to write a letter on behalf of a client, and a few minutes there to make a quick search in the internet. With a little planning, no one else will be able to work!

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SocialWrkr24/7 said...

Lol - THREE years ago I had to do all of my casenotes by hand...

I feel ya on the lack of computer!