Friday, November 27, 2009

What Do You Do All Day?

Back when I was in college each quarter brought the much anticipated seasonal question: "What'd you do over [fall/winter/and on] break?"

I took on to making up answers to see what I could get away with. Similar to how I deal with weekend questions, I would try to think of a creative activity on the spot. These could include "learned how to camel race" or "interned at a seashell farm." No one needed to know how many hours I spent slouging about.

Similarly, when folks ask me "what do you all day?" once I've said I'm a case manager, sometimes if it's -- or if I gauge it to be -- the right kind of audience I don't go right into my old "no typical day really" but answer it differently. Last example:

"What all social workers do. I don a superhero outfit and fly around with my harp and my fishing rod, handing them out to the community."

 Still want to know what I do? Visit Homelessness Prevention and Emergency Assistance.


antiSWer said...

I would enjoy interning at a seashell farm!

Melinda said...

I stopped telling hairdressers I'm a social worker a long time ago. I usually make up something different every time. It's kind of fun. Otherwise, you spend the entire appointment listening to their family's personal problems, you know?

Anatolia said...

AntiSwer, the more I think about I think it would be a cool experience.

It is fun, Melinda.

I once actually had a very uncomfortable experience relating to talking about what I do. I was riding in a taxi cab and the driver responded very angrily when I told him I'm a case manager. It seemed he had issues with his wife over his kids and he was very displeased with the role the social worker took in it. It's a job that can carry some baggage with it for some folks.