Saturday, December 5, 2009

*Cough* *Cough*

Lots of coughers in my immediate surrounding this past week at work. Larger than usual number of folks coughing right in front me without covering their mouths, including clients and staff.

The other day I was talking with an elderly lady during an outreach event and and suddenly she coughed this loud wet cough. Those are the tough ones, the unexpected coughs. I froze for a second and inwardly grimaced. I know she didn't do it on purpose, but -- gah. I could feel her germs invading into my bloodstream. Asking my germs for help in crossing the street.

On another note, it's unfortunate that you can't say something to someone once she has coughed. Saying bless you gets you weird look. There's a few moments of silence as you wait for them to stop coughing. Maybe you offer a drink of water. There should be a word.

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