Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trouble with the Phone Line Again

I spoke on the phone today with Martin, an elderly client of mine. I talk to him every few weeks and typically it's extremely hard for me to understand him. This doesn't exclusively happen with Martin. At times clients mumble or it's hard to follow their thought process. With Martin it's a bit of both. Also, his mom was French so sometimes he defaults to French. In short, communication not always easy.

Last Tuesday though I couldn't understand Martin to the point that I told him we'd have to meet in person. I got a word here and there and the tone but that was it. I used my "Must be problems with the phone line" excuse, which is what I say after I ask a client a few times to take a deep breathe and slow down. I felt bad that I couldn't understand him but also frustrated. Cause when the person who's not speaking clearly needs to repeat himself he gets frustrated at you and tends to speak even faster.

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Bridges and Bites said...

Oh language and verbal barriers. It reminds me of a scene in Crash where the man fixing the store owner's lock was trying to tell him he needed to replace the door, and the store owner just couldn't quite understand that, and they just ended up getting so angry at each other over the miscommunication going on.