Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Don’t Offer that Service

Except in those few occasions we do. We don’t help you move, but those one-two OK a few clients yeah I suppose we did help them move. Help with getting a new bed? Not really something we help with, except those couple of times last year.
It’s difficult to assess some requests (certainly lack of resources like money and time are a component of this). Rental requests are more straightforward: We find out the reason a person got behind. We do a budget to find out if she be able to pay rent on her own after she receives rental assistance. We also look at whether we have helped the client with rental assistance in the past. These types of questions

Other financial or otherwise large requests are discussed case by case. One increasingly common request is help with moving, i.e. physically help. I know a number of clients who would genuinely not have been able to move without external help, if because of mental/physical health conditions, lack of financial support/friends, lack of time. For these clients some staff members were able to fill in that gap in some capacity. But once an exception is made for one client it's harder to say no the next time when a client seems to be in particular high need. Not to mention that each project like this takes time -- while the inbox of other requests continues steadily fills up.

It's true, I'm not talking about tens of clients calling us about help with moving. But considering that helping one person may take from half a day to 2 days of help (in separate blocks of time) even helping 3 folks is a considerable time commitment if you have a caseload of over 40 folks.

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Anonymous said...

Omg ,I know. Clients seem to think you can do anything and everything.