Sunday, January 31, 2010

Case Manager's Rites of Passage

Waiting in ER with client. Not to be substituted with waiting at social security or public aid office.

Playing phone tag with a provider for over three days.

Tracking down client's public aid (food stamps/medicaid) case worker. Bonus points if client doesn't know case worker's name.

Realizing you can't work harder than your client.

Learning 1 (800) social security number is good for two purposes: 1) Ordering new social security award letter and 2) setting up appointment. Everything else, call the local number. I've received wrong information from representatives at the 1 (800) number.

Client telling you she wants a new case manager / she doesn't want your agency's services anymore (and not as an amicable parting).

Client cries in your office or conversely after she shares her story and leaves your office you cry.

Understanding how much clients teach you.

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