Monday, January 25, 2010

Generic List in Disguise

I like finding humorous online lists. I still occasionally read "Keeping a healthy level of insanity at work" (wish I knew who I could credit authorship) and laugh and laugh.

How excited was I to come across a list of "30 signs you went to (my alma mater)." Universities sometimes have their own slang, humor, or peculiarities. Peculiarities particularly applies to some. I start reading.

Number #2: "[Alma mater students] eat ramen noodle."

Great start. Something no other college student at any other location ever experiences.

Go on to number 3, "[... students] study hard and party hard."

Generic and cliche! Looks like I've fallen on a Barnum list. Applies for virtually any college experience. I loathe these generic, dry lists.

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