Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's the Principle!

So you, my client, have a neighbor you don't want to deal with. Or his guests. You were on good terms with him until a couple of months ago. Then he stopped being watchful of keeping his music level down and people started coming in and out of his apartment constantly. You talked with him and it didn't help. After bringing it up to management, Mr. landlord offers you to move to another apartment.

Your first response is, "Why should I move when I'm not the problem?" A fair first thought. But if you don't move you still have a problem. In the shape of a bothersome neighbor. And you can tell me you don't think about this neighbor. But somehow all conversations lead back to him.

To myself I admit (and to my client up to a certain point), I get what my client is saying. I'd probably have the same stubborn attitude. If I'm not doing something disruptive -- and in this case I tend to believe my client is telling the truth -- I shouldn't be the one to move. Go through all the hassle. But if thinking about it causes this stress at a certain point it's not worth it. I hope I'd be able to recognize that if I were in a similar situation. I think I would. Eventually. Some things are stronger than doing something on principle.

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