Monday, February 15, 2010

Reading Clients' Old Files

Of the tens of clients who have been with my agency for years, a number have been clients for over 10 years. Staff and other clients have become a community and family for them. It's quite a walk to look back at their files, their past work with past case managers. While sometimes clients talk to me about their old case managers ("Why are you doing it like that? Cara used to do it this way,"), reading files gives the case manager's log [Wonder what it would be like to read case notes written by clients].

I had to look over some clients' old files today that took me back as far as 1999. Looking at one client process of going through custody battle (having known where matters stand years after). Reading another client's file and the years she was working on similar issues with her case manager that her and I now work on. A third had half a file dedicated to medical health records and had disappeared for 5 years to reappear this past month. 
I also look at the dates and think about where I was. Thinking about how I was in high school for some of these years while clients and past case managers were working together. And sure I think about how what I've done has led me here.

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Anonymous said...

It is fascinating to go over old records...fascinating how progress is sometimes measured in inches and sometimes in miles...