Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I Learned from Judge Judy

It's a guilty pleasure but I do love this show. I know of at least half a dozen judge TV shows but I have my two favorites: Judy and Mathis.

Additionally to entertainment and educational purposes, I gently incorporated a couple of their methods into my interactions with clients. It has happened a couples of times that I answer the phone and a client immediately embarks on an intricate story about an encounter. Well into their story I learn the event has taken place a few years back and my client happened to think about it when he called me.

OK so at times clients want to vent and they have few people they can talk to. But sometimes you're not available to listen at a particular moment or even in high frequency (i.e. daily). You need to get details quickly. Or a client is upset and it's hard to follow his story. Cue Judge Judy -- when, who, where, what? With a focus on 'when' for context and chronological purposes. 'Who' is a close second especially when the pronouns stream starts ("she said that I told her what he asked him about"). 

And to readers who ask, wait, but all judges use similar methods of asking the 'w' questions I answer: Perhaps, but I don't watch them.

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