Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Words Take on New Meaning

Give me a word and I'll tell you its meaning in its case management context. Unless noted otherwise, words relate to clients' statements.

'Urgent' -- Ah, the days before urgent calls meant "I need something and don't feel like waiting." Though we don't handle urgent calls of a 911 variety we sometimes deal with matters that need immediate attention. A client's apartment may have gotten damaged or she has no hot water. A client may show up with an eviction notice. But the handful of clients who make too many non-urgent urgent demands are enough to skew the meaning of this word.

'They' -- A sometimes mysterious, all powerful, virtually always destructive person or group trying to control a client's life. Client may or may not know who 'they' is. Sometimes you wonder how they decide that you aren't part of 'them.'

'We' -- "We're going to need to call their landlord," my supervisor Feona-speak for "You're--"

'Never' - Sometimes*

'Tissue' -- Apparently may also mean toilet paper.

* To be fair it's not only clients who do this.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I think all social workers and case managers, regardless of their work setting, can relate to this!