Sunday, March 14, 2010

Challenge of "I Got This"

Sometimes I feel torn between keeping an air that I have a handle on my caseload and letting my supervisor know when it becomes overwhelming. I've gotten into the groove of  balancing the 30 something people on my caseload most of the time. But lately it has been getting tougher managing routine work since two clients have been dealing with crisis situations. I've had to direct hours of time and energy to both these clients and have seen how challenging it is to keep up with my other clients.

Feona, my supervisor, has shared a few duties relating to my more demanding clients but I still carry the brunt of the load and pressure that comes with it. But I do like knowing she can rely on me to handle my job and know I also have high expectations of myself.

I suppose it's hard for me to admit I need help. But it's getting too hard to manage things.  In thinking about how to approach asking for help, a friend of mine suggested I sit with my supervisor and go over my caseload to ask for her advice on specific cases. It may be possible to transfer a few clients out for particular services or share some tasks with another case manager. I have the benefit of working in a supportive team and I don't take that for granted. But I should take more advantage of it.

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