Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Healthy Level of Insanity at Work, Addendum

I've added my own additions to the original list:

19. When someone knocks on the restroom stall door, answer "Come on in!" Bonus points if you're in a restroom with multiple stalls.

20. Use interpretive dancing to impart difficult news. Imagine a scene of a coworker or yourself delivering the news to a client that medicaid has been cut off so now client will be paying 75% of her co-payments but in dance! Undulating arm movements and all.

21. At the end of a particularly productive/heavy conversation with a coworker, say a random or odd phrase with inspiring flair. Example: "And remember: Take a bite of your orange and look onto tomorrow."

22. Use only cliches when responding to other staff members. See if they answer back with a cliche of their own.

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