Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recognizing My Own Traits in Clients

It's challenging when I come across my own characteristics in clients, particularly qualities that I find are a hindrance. For example, my client who stubbornly refused to consider moving to a new apartment because he wanted his neighbor -- the cause of the problem in his eyes -- to move out. Though I think had I been in his shoes I would've decided eventually to move, I am very familiar with the "it's the principle!" attitude.

What is at times amusing is when I'm encouraging a client to overcome a bad habit that I myself have. One bad habit is my ongoing challenge to keep my bedroom organized. I know that a clean living space is good for my mind, but it's hard for me to maintain my space like that. I naturally spread my books and papers around. It doesn't necessarily motivate me to become more organized after talking to a client about how important it is but it does make me think more about how yeah, having items put away actually clears the mind. Sharing similar bad habits makes it easier for me to understand the difficulty in changing them.

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