Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Redirecting a Client's Request

It's nice when a client leaves a message on my voice mail about needing bus tickets or a different item and it's a person who frequently makes these types of requests, and I call back and am able to troubleshoot and give them another option. And the client thanks me and doesn't mention needing anything from the agency.

Doesn't happen very often, but it's nice. Specifically because of our own limitations on material assistance we may provide to clients. Sometimes I go into troubleshooting mode ("Have you tried to do this?") without even bringing up client's initial request.

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Btrflygl said...

These are my favorite types of calls as well.

I am often finding myself telling several of my clients that they really need to use their "thinking outside of the box skills".

More often than not, a client who really needs and WANTS something will find it in themselves to get whatever it is they are looking for ;).