Saturday, March 27, 2010

Unwanted Thoughts

I'm standing inside a bubble and the same pestering thought bounces against the walls. I'm able to logically reason myself out of the unwanted thought and understand that I'm holding on to it obsessively but it still persists. It sometimes takes days for me to snap out of it.

This thought could relate to an incident that happened, or remembering a past event and related anxiety. These unwanted thoughts don't happen all the time, maybe once a month, but when they do it's excruciating. I try to distract myself. Do something else, listen to music. Write down what I'm thinking about or talk to others about it in the hopes of reaching catharsis. And as I feel that unwanted thought trickling back in despite my intentions I think about a couple of clients of mine who struggle with obsessive thoughts. How all consuming they can be.

Thinking about this I rediscovered and am rereading White Bears and Other Unwanted Thoughts, a book I had read in college but barely remember I plan report back.

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