Monday, April 26, 2010

Confidentiality in Front of Other Clients

A Jewish friend of mine told me she started to practice kosher to exercise putting restrictions on herself and get a sense of appreciating value of food and meaning of hunger. In a different way I try and constantly remind myself at work that whenever I talk in the hallway or in the lobby someone -- a client -- may always be listening. Meaning its best to talk about clients with a coworker inside a closed door (I suppose I should be thankful to have this luxury).

I do a good job outside work with friends by not naming clients and keeping details vague but at work I need to consciously stay focused on not talking about them while other clients are around. It's tough because it's always challenging to be on guard. Yes, as people we're on guard in some way all the time, but less with staff members, specifically when it comes to discussing clients. Also, one floor has open space that clients use and frequent. Meaning I need to always assume on that floor that someone may be listening. And just because other clients seem like they're preoccupied with a book or even in conversing with one another it doesn't matter. I would certainly not want my doctor to talk about me in front of other patients, even if my relationship with a client isn't exactly the same.


Anonymous said...

It is very hard as a client no tto overhear stuff about other clients, even when you don't want to know. Where I live, the coffee corner and the nurse's station are next to each other, and the chair I usually sit in, faces the nurse's station. I have to leave whenever I hear the nurses talk about someone else, even though it's not my fault for placing the chair there. Also, the room is so small that even with a closed door you can sometiems overhear the nurses.

Anatolia said...

You are describing a tough situation.

It's so hard for staff not to have private space where they're able to use each other as an outlet in a frustrated moment or just to discuss clients in confidence.

Workers need to stay professional around clients/public in regard to confidentiality but that is so incredibly difficult to keep for an extended time without a break. Not to mention that even with a closed door the nurses can be heard! That's real unfortunate.