Friday, April 2, 2010

Consequences of Not Taking that Break

One hour lunch break, it's there waiting for me. So what if I lose 5 minutes here and there for the occasional appointments that spills over, or a case note I just want to get done. The remaining block of time is still there.

More rarely I need to deal with a surprise, an unexpected but important phone call or an errand. "Oh no problem, I'll squeeze in an extra 30 minutes later on in the day."

I won't. It's fairly difficult to take a break when other people are working and are coming in and out of my office to ask a question. "Oh are you taking your lunch now?" So I stop working for 15 minutes but then remember I need to take care of something and keep munching on my apple as I do it, getting back to work mode.

Those 30 minutes that weren't spent on a break are usually gone once not taken. But do I learn? Yes, it's true, I don't work every single minute of my day. But that block of uninterrupted time... It's hard to lose it.

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