Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Foot in the Door with a Client

"Oh no, I don't think I'll have enough time to look that up," I agreed with Martin who said a moment ago that it's OK that we don't look up the hours to a museum near him. "Let's make a follow up appointment then," I continued to agree with him.

I probably could've squeezed in a quick search. But I've known Martin for two years now and his tendency is to visit me without notice every three months -- each time presenting a host of issues that he asks for help with. We usually deal with a couple, he says he'll be in touch, leaves and I don't hear word from him for a few months. I call and have in the past even stopped by his apartment but wasn't able to get a hold of him. Eventually he comes back to the agency.

This particular meeting went well and we were able to address an important health related concern he had. We then discussed another question he had about his social security benefits and finally Martin brought back the topic of the museum. "But it's OK if you don't have time, we'll reschedule." He said patiently, a suggestion he had never made in the past..

Yes, I'll take that foot-in-the-door opportunity to try and have you come back so we'll have an opportunity to discuss the other issues you're dealing with. You bet I'll try.

Update 4/23
Martin didn't show up to his follow up appointment but he did give me a call the day of to reschedule our appointment -- something he has not done yet. The appointment was made for the week of 4/26.

Update 5/8
I was happy to see Martin show up on 4/26. We weren't able to take care of everything he needed so we made a follow up appointment -- and Martin showed up then too. Looks like the method of leaving something to work on (perhaps particularly because it's something that's coming from him) is working so far.

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