Wednesday, April 28, 2010

'Working with the Public' Reads

And now for something completely different...

A site that succeeds in both amusing and raising my blood pressure reaffirms my respect to folks who work intensively with the public. Not Always Right is a collection of short interactions between workers in customer service/sales and customers. I love this site.

I also started reading Waiter's Rant by the Waiter (Steve Dublanica) along with skimming his site, Waiter Rant. Sharing in the book incidents with customers (though not as much as promised in the book's description) and staff, a bit of philosophizing, Waiter's Rant making me think a lot more about the work's challenges. Specifically the dynamics between waiters and customers and how this relationship may drive strangers to treat others, in serving positions, disrespectfully.

So far I'm enjoying the book and glimpsing into another person's field. I think I may enjoy the site more though, perhaps because the philosophizing in the book sometimes comes across like it was forced into certain sections. In a personal website (that also seems to include more of his experiences at the restaurant, which I like), because there doesn't need to be necessarily a cohesive flow, it's more natural for each post to take on a different topic.

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