Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Mean You Don't File Taxes??

Case Managers: Who else today received frantic calls from clients asking to file taxes with you?

Was it indicated at any point that I or my agency have tax filing capabilities?? Argh. It was a good though in reminding me I can't make clients' problems my own. It's not my responsibility. (In similar news, thank you form 4868).


Btrflygl said...

Actually no----but I did have a client who is presently hospitalized call me several times leaving me messages to go pick up and drive her vehicle home for her. I don't think it's insured at the moment either. Fortunately her family was on it before I had to call her back and tell her "no".

Anonymous said...

I am not a case manager, but I have indeed asked mine to help with taxes. Not that I really wanted her to file them for me, but I ha dno clue the tax service helped people in need to do this. She arranged for me to meet up with a tax service employee to have my taxes filed.

Anatolia said...

Btrflygl: File under unusual requests, eh?

Astrid: You're absolutely right in asking your case manager for help/info on filing taxes. I had no problem with clients asking me for help -- the frustrated tone in my post was because of calls I got April 15th, the date taxes are due. And for various reasons these clients couldn't make it to nearby free tax filing sites which made the situation more challenging. I should've been clearer about this in my post.