Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Caught Myself Getting in an Argument with a Client

Case management is all about a dance -- though I suppose it's possible to extend this to most interactions. In case management it's a dance involving knowing when to push. When to explain yourself. When and how to listen. When to take a step back.

I caught myself starting to argue with a client today. Not an angry exchange of words or anything like that. My client was asking me why we were going to do something we had previously talked about and was nitpicking at my answers. As I started to argue back I realized he was only giving me a hard time and that I didn't need to explain myself but refocus him ("We want to do this so you get ______."). I was glad I recognized early what was going on because I'm not always self (or situation) aware -- I myself get focused on details at times, meaning the conversation between me and the client. This is something I want to keep working on.

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