Monday, May 31, 2010

Client Stepped Outside His Comfort Zone

Louis, a client of mine inspired me last week. Louis is middle aged and is extremely focused on the death of his late wife. Still devoted, he talks about her constantly. She passed away two years ago and since then Louis keeps to himself, leaving his apartment strictly for errands or to see me or his doctor.

A coworker stopped by my office and told me he saw Louis speak in front of a large audience at a rally relating to a city ordinance concerning health care (Must. Remain. Vague). My eyelids flew open when I heard this. This is a man who had almost shut himself out from the world. The fact that he was moved to be involved and talk in front of a large audience amazed me. I'm not sure whether he had any fear of public speaking fear fear (this may be just may projecting my anxiety unto him) but the act itself, which often causes anxiety in people, impressed me.

He inspired me. It made me want to push myself as well. I sing and dance (granted maybe not here so much) about how much I get outside my comfort zone but to what extent do I do that? What can I do to push myself? Hmm.


Seth said...

Louis even inspired me to leave a comment on this post.

I was touched by the story. Those moments need more coverage.

Inspiration is not just for Seabiscuit and Adrian Brody movies.

Anatolia said...

Thanks for visiting Seth. It's all in the everyday moments, I agree. Seabiscuit huh?