Sunday, May 30, 2010

Clients Appearing in Twilight Times

Signs to me that I need to do more to separate myself from work:
Heard a client in my head -- I don't know if I'm unique in experiencing this -- but as you get to know someone you become familiar with her phrases or repeated statements she makes. In the last two weeks a couple of nights as I was falling asleep I could hear a couple of my my clients' phrases as I was falling asleep the other day. Not full fledged sounds, but echo of their phrases.

And yes, it happened: A client appeared in my dreams. Ah! We didn't interact and it wasn't a scene where I'm talking to someone and my client's standing in the background sipping coffee (like a variation of Where's Waldo?). He was one of the silent participants wandering around. While we have no power over our dreams it made me realize that if a client is venturing into a dream -- perhaps it is time for a short break from work. Like to another city perhaps.


Btrflygl said...

Ha ha ha. I hear ya. I often dream of my boss and things I have to hand in at work. My co-workers and I have discussions about this because we all have similar dreams.

I hope you had a long weekend off!

Sela said...

may I suggest Portland?