Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't Want to Get that Excited because of Vacations

In continuation to Self Care -- a coworker of mine has been nudging at me for the past two weeks to go on vacation. You really need it, he kept keeps saying. You've been dealing a lot with very intensive clients. You've been talking to yourself too much at work and it's distracting me. I agree I need a vacation. It's time for a short break and I'm planning on taking a vacation soon. But I also realize it's a short term escape. I come back to similar stresses and difficult situations. I need to focus on improving my working habits to deal with that. Improve on distancing myself from situations so I'm still empathetic with clients but don't take it home with me or don't take disappointments too much to heart. Nothing new to case management universe.

I don't want to look forward so much to a vacation because I still spend a great deal of time at work and want to make it as pleasant as possible. I accept there are slumpier days (or weeks) but I want to continue to learn how to deal with slumpier times not just by exploring hobbies or life outside work but by changing the way I think about work.

I appreciate that I have the luxury of enjoying what I do most of the time. I'm extremely grateful for that. Not to mention all the support I get that I see friends in other agencies not getting. I try to and remind myself to be aware of what I have when I get caught up in frustrated moments. Not saying it's always easy. But I keep trying.

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