Sunday, May 2, 2010

What We Do for Self Care

I walked a lot this weekend. Last week it seemed walking was one of the few activities that succeeded in quieting my mind and invigorating me in some way. I've been getting in the habit of taking a break from work at least once a day to go on a walk. 

Last week was intensive and demanding. I usually don't crave the beginning of the weekend as much as I did a few days ago. I've had a lot of things on my mind and continuing challenges with a few intensive clients. To settle my mind and distress I usually write -- a little on this site and more about personal life elsewhere. That typically clears my mind. Exercise does that in a different way. Talking to a good friend -- especially getting a few minutes to just talk about everything with little censorship -- is great but I start feeling like I don't want to repeat myself and complain too much. Or talk about work too much when I'm outside work.

Sometimes I think I need to mix it up and try new things to relax mentally and physically. I have a feeling walking would always help but I'm not always able to do that.

What do you do to care for yourself?


antiSWer said...

Yoga. Good food. My best friend. Walking aimlessly. Reading. :)

Franklin P. Smearcase said...

I eat well, sometimes at restaurants I can't afford. I do the NYT crossword. I hang out with quality people and my pesky cat.

Just found your blog, hoping to add it when blogger is working better.

Anatolia said...

Antiswer: Of course! Reading, I didn't even write that -- how could I forget??

Thanks for visiting and commenting Franklin! I liked the inclusion of the pesky pet. :)